How to Get Admission in IIT Roorkee

 Indian Institute of Technology at Roorkee is surely one of the institutes that every engineering students will love to have admission in but the admission process is not easy in the IIT Roorkee.

How IIT Roorkee Admission Differs From the Earlier One

The process of admission is now different. Every IIT has to follow these rules as set by the Central Government for admission in IITs from 2013.  It ahs been decided that not only the IIT JEE results that will assess and guarantee a seat in the IITs now, as the Government is ready to give more emphasis on the school education. As a result of that there has been a percentage division for the IIT Entrance test nd the school performance in the 12th exam. There will be a Common Entrance Test for getting admission to IIT form the next year. The earlier system that needed only 60% from the class 12 exams to get a seat in JEE IIT has been changed as the Government will mow take the top students from all over India based on the percentile performance in the board exams. The students will be coming form the top 20% of the total number of students appearing for the 12th exam all over India. That has made the system quite tougher for students to get a seat in IITs now. And IIT Roorkee being one of the top-class institutes will always allow only the top students to get there on the following steps.

The nest steps of admission

As there are no chances for these colleges now to take any more entrance test of their own, IIT Roorkee has set to get a round of Personal Interview. The interview will be based more r less on the curricular performances of the students in their schools. The college has also Group Discussion round but after the Government’s announcements, the GD round has been taken back. So, it is only PI round that sets the chance for any student to get into IIT Roorkee. The Personal Interview is thereby tougher than before and the list is made in a stricter way. So, it is necessary for every student now that they prepare their school studies best. Only after the students do their best in their Personal Interview rounds that they will be contacted through e-mail for further procedures that include the fees payments and joining the institute.

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