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Biotechnology is one of the most constructive and dynamic scientific advances of the last quarter. Suppose if you are a science student and looking for a booming field of study to build your career in, Biotechnology is definitely a field that would inspire you some interest.

Biotechnology covers a wide distinct range of concepts and subjects namely chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering and others. It mainly uses several variations in technology to modify an existing product or to create a new product.

Scope of Biotechnology

The realm of biotechnology combines the theoretical aspects of biology such as embryology, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry with an application of certain concepts of engineering like robotics, chemical engineering and information technology to create the scientific solution.


The field of biotechnology can be categorised into two separate bodies when applications are concerned.

  • Industrial Process: It is mainly concerned with implementable technology and actual application of research results such as the production of biofuels, medical equipment, diagnostic machinery, vaccines and others on an industrial scale.
  • Research and Development Division: This sector mainly deals with biological solutions and advancement of technology in the field of microbiology, molecular biology, genetics, cell biology and more for understanding development of agriculture, protection of the environment, food production, occurrence and treatment of diseases.

Career Prospects as Biotechnologist

In general, biotechnologist is hired for following job profiles in different industries.

  • Food Processing: It involves the evolution of safer food products and study of existing food products.
  • Energy: For a development of alternative organic fuels that may fulfil the existing energy needs of the world.
  • Waste Management: It involves the development of inventive methods of waste disposal at both industrial and domestic level.
  • Chemicals: It involves the development of biochemical solutions for healthcare division and other safety apparatus for other industries.

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